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restored fort kijk at krommeniedijk opened


On Wednesday, 4 October 2017, Mr Pieter van Vollenhoven opened the restored and redeveloped Fort K’IJK at Krommeniedijk, situated within the Amsterdam Defence Line area (UNESCO World Heritage). The fort was given a unique new purpose as an experience centre, combined with assisted-living and working facilities for young adults with autism. Commissioned by nature organisation Landschap Noord-Holland, Tinker imagineers designed an interactive luminous line that crosses the fort and opens up the landscape around it, as well as the interior of the tearoom and the fort’s new visual identity.

Defence Line
The wonderful nature, landscape, and cultural history of the Amsterdam Defence Line are brought to life at Fort K’IJK. The spaces within the fort, inside and outside, man and nature: they are all connected. This connection is visualised by a luminous line. The man-sized logo in front of the fort, also drawn in a continuous line, functions as the fort’s landmark. Visitors take the audio tour and follow the luminous line through the dark spaces of the fort, where they discover how the Amsterdam Defence Line was designed to protect people and these days protects the wildlife. They will see the landscape of the Defence Line through new eyes. Looking turns into seeing. 

The unique architecture and atmosphere of the fort have been preserved and beautifully lit. The projections, light and dark, trigger the imagination. Through water effects and silhouettes, the visitors get to experience how inundation was used as a defence mechanism in the old days, and how it eventually turned the landscape into a breeding ground for rare birds. Visitors can also play with the camouflage of the fort and the field of fire around it.

A little further along, pillars contain precious little worlds with hidden natural processes, while poetical projections on the floor and walls illustrate the natural distribution of seeds. The light and shadow play is the pièce de résistance that will allow visitors to make the invisible visible. Finally, the luminous line guides them to the outdoor area, where they are invited to continue their discoveries in the Defence Line landscape.

Natural colours and materials were used in the design of the postern, in keeping with the authentic character of the fort. Fort K'IJK has been restored by Stadsherstel Amsterdam (Hooyschuur architecten + adviseurs) and is ready to offer accommodation to (young) adults with autism. Under the supervision of De Heeren van Zorg organisation, they may assist in running the tearoom in the postern of the fort and the visitor centre. So far, this is the only fort with assisted-living facilities. 

Fort K’IJK opens to the public on 11 October 2017; opening hours are from Wednesday - Sunday, from 10:00 to 14:00. 

Read more: http://www.landschapnoordholland.nl/nieuws/prof-mr-pieter-van-vollenhoven-opent-gerestaureerd-fort-bij-krommeniedijk

Photos: Ted Jansen (opening), Mike Bink (experience center)