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reopening de walvisch museum mill


With its long history in producing jenever and its giant malt mills, Schiedam must be the jenever capital of the world. Tinker came up with the design for the renovation of the National Jenever Museum Schiedam, spread across three locations: The Jenever Museum, the Distillery Museum, and the Museum Mill. The renovation work on the De Walvisch mill has been completed, and the mill will reopen to the public on Tuesday, 27 February 2018.

For De Walvisch, Tinker produced a panoramic film showing the history of ‘the giants of Schiedam’ from a bird’s-eye view. Spectacular drone footage of the remaining mills has been combined with animated panoramas of Schiedam in the old days. The film is projected on the inner walls of the mill and in a way becomes part of the mill itself. 

One floor up, we came up with an interactive exhibit surrounding a highly detailed scale model of a mill. Here, the roles are reversed, with the visitors looming over the mill as ‘giants’. The exhibit gets them to explore the milling technology and the craft of the miller by turning and grinding for themselves.

The visit is rounded off by an audio tour in which visitors hear the stories of authentic Schiedam mill and jenever enthusiasts. The tour guides them through the mill and along the Lange Haven to numerous locations that are linked to the rich history of Schiedam Jenever Town.