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queen margrethe II opens the stevns klint experience


On the 12th of October 2022 Queen Margrethe II opened the Stevns Klint Experience in Denmark. The exhibition is located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can see traces of the asteroid that caused a mass extinction 66 million years ago and ended the age of dinosaurs.  

The brand-new exhibition tells about the time before the extinction, what happened during the asteroid impact and what the world looked afterwards. In the Stevns Klint Hall it is all about imagination and wonder. An immersive film shows the dramatic extinction and the survival of our ancestor. The film is partly projected on a huge cut-out of the cliff with the famous Fish Clay layer in the middle. In the World Heritage Hall, the story is told chronologically. In this playful space visitors can dive among other things into the science behind the discovery. Here there is also plenty of room for hands-on activities and to discover the story in different ways.

Like the entire team, Stan Boshouwers, director of Tinker is extremely proud of the result: ‘We managed to create a coherent experience design by looking at this important UNESCO heritage site through the lenses of research and wonder.’

Director of the Stevns Klint Experience, Steen Bonke Sørensen, added: 'The Stevns Klint Experience serves all the senses and visitors will leave with the experience of a lifetime. The building itself is a new architectural landmark in Stevns, and the interactive exhibition conveys the history and ensures visitors of all ages have their own special experience. We use and sell local products in our café and shop. I look forward to sharing this with the rest of the world.’