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new assignment royal museum of fine arts antwerp (kmska)


After an exciting pitch, Tinker won the design for a unique and all-encompassing exhibition about the famous Belgian artist James Ensor. It is one of the largest Ensor exhibitions in Belgium since 1999 and opens in the fall of 2024.

Tinker is responsible for the design and realisation, in collaboration with the museum and partners. KMSKA praised Tinker for its strong concept. In the future exhibition, visitors will step into Ensor's mind, figuratively as well as literally. They will discover everything about this independent artist, his methods, and his world. A wonderful world of wild visions, masks, and satire.

Previously, Tinker designed the experiential spaces for the "Turning Heads" exhibition, which opened in the fall of 2023. For that work, Tinker and KMSKA were recently nominated for an award by the European Design Awards. The announcement will take place on 1 June 2024.

The new exhibition, "In Your Wildest Dreams; Ensor Beyond Impressionism”, can be visited from 28 September 2024 to 19 January 2025.

Photo exterior KMSKA © Fille Roelants