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nest experience switzerland awarded with american design award


At the 2017 SEGD Global Design Awards Tinker imagineers was rewarded with the Merit Award in the category Interactive Experience on account of its design for the nest experience in Switzerland. The Society of Experiental Graphic Design honors experiences that connect people to place. The winning projects were announced during the 2017 SEGD Conference Experience in Miami.

‘Nest’ is a return home to the first Nestlé factory. On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, Nestlé held a special open house in Vevey, Switzerland complete with ‘Nest’, a family experience and exhibition. The site is where Henri Nestlé established his first factory in 1866 near Lake Geneva. What “Nest” offers to the public is a special way to revisit Nestlé’s history, to address the challenges surrounding food production in the world today and to explore a passionate vision of nutrition in an engaging and interactive manner.

Jury Comments: 

"This spirited brand experience is a balanced mix of spaces and touchpoints. The dense amount of content is displayed in an evocative way through the combined used of digital and static applications. The airy contrast to the deeper toned areas creates a true sense of place."

"This exhibition on the occasion of Nestlé’s 150th anniversary is set in an abstract nest architecture reminiscent of the company’s logo. Inside various themes of Nestlé’s history, nutrition and future outlook are told in a didactic and interactive way. The architectural elegance of the ‘nest’ is inspiring and inviting to explore the space."

Read more: https://segd.org/nest-experience