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On Saturday the 11th of February the doors will open to the new Media Museum of Sound & Vision. This week we celebrated the spectacular opening of the new Media Museum. Tinker developed the spatial and media design, and after years of close collaboration, it was a joy to see the experience in all its glory.

What immediately stands out is the all-encompassing Media Reactor.  A unique installation of no less than 300 metres (!) of specially developed LED screens placed throughout the museum. The reactor represents the infinite stream of media that comes our way every day.

What else can you expect from world’s most interactive museum? The experience consists of the Tune in and five zones: Share, Inform, Sell, Tell and Play. The use of face recognition sets you on a personal media journey that’s unique to you. You get to play interactives, explore iconic media objects, and rediscover nostalgic footage from your youth.

For the renewal of Sound & Vision, we worked together with the museum, Pieter van der Heijden (XPEX), Bruns, Mansveld, Kiss the Frog, Redrum, Beam Systems, Actld and Elastique.

Photos © Jorrit Lousberg, Tinker imagineers

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