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global launch of ald automotives vr version of mobility experience centre


The Mobility Experience Centre (MEC) in Hoofddorp (the Netherlands) will be expanded with a virtual reality version. Three years after the opening of the MEC in the Netherlands, its success calls for the introduction of the experience abroad. In order to realise a global launch in 43 countries, ALD Automotive decided to opt for the virtual reality (VR) variety. Tinker imagineers is responsible for the design of both the physical MEC and its VR version, which can help companies understand the effects of their mobility choices in terms of sustainability, cost efficiency, and attractive employment benefits.

Belgium, Luxemburg, and the United Kingdom are the first countries to start using the VR version of the Mobility Experience. Later this year, the introduction will be rolled out to other countries as well. Tinker imagineers, the Dutch experience communication agency that designed the MEC in Hoofddorp, also developed the VR version that is introduced on a global scale. Through virtual reality, users will be able to experience the relevant trends in mobility at every location.

Understanding Mobility
Lonneke van der Horst, Marketing & Strategy Manager with ALD Automotive: “All over the world, mobility is becoming increasingly complex, and a growing number of companies is looking for new ways to develop their mobility policy. The goal of the Mobility Experience is to help companies understand their mobility options and how their choices affect their finances, the environment, and their staff. In every country, the mobility consultants of ALD will receive special training to help them apply this innovation.” 

The Mobility Experience Centre
The Mobility Experience Centre is a room of circa 30 square metres in which fleet managers, HR managers, and board members can follow an interactive workshop. The Mobility Experience uses elements such as serious gaming, video, and - as of now - virtual reality. Since its opening, the MEC has received over 2,500 visitors.