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fourth international award for interactive experience juliana children's hospital


At the 2016 SEGD Global Design Awards Tinker imagineers was rewarded with the Merit Award in the category Interactive Experience on account of its experience design for the Juliana Children's Hospital (The Hague, NL). This is the fourth international award the agency has received for the animated children's journey through the hospital.

Official press release of The Society of Experiental Graphic Design:

WASHINGTON DC - In a world that is increasingly complex visually, designers are experimenting with ways to enhance users’ enjoyment of the “real” world with creative experiential designs that communicate. 

Winning projects in the 2016 SEGD Global Design Awards were announced at The 2016 SEGD Conference Experience Seattle. From a museum for human rights in Winnipeg to a children's hospital in The Hague to a financial research center in San Francisco, thirty-nine winning projects use a wide variety of design tools to tell stories, build brands and create a strong sense of place.

"The world is wide open for designers, who are leading the charge to create true user-centered experiences. They are also guided by Design Thinking and solid principles of design for user experiences.,” says Stephen Minning, founder and managing director of BrandCulture (Sydney) and chair of the 2016 SEGD Global Design Awards. "These principles are represented in the winning work."

For example the interactive Experience at Juliana Children's Hospital the main focus of the design was how young patients experience their hospital visit. The designers added an experiential layer to the existing clinical design by creating an “adventure journey” for the young patients’ treatment process. All over the hospital, games, play sets, interactives, drawings and puppets are installed to surprise, distract or relax the children. Impressive care and attention was paid to transitional spaces of the hospital experience−places where fear and anxiety are most palpable.

The jury evaluated projects in seven categories that represent the core of Experiential Graphic Design: Digital Experience Content, Exhibition, Interactive Experiences, Placemaking and Identity, Public Installations, Strategy/Research/Planning and Wayfinding.

11 Honor Awards and 28 Merit Awards—spanning the full spectrum of experiential graphic design, from wayfinding to placemaking and identity, public installations, exhibitions and research projects were chosen from among 371 submissions of experiential graphic design projects from around the world.