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esch2022 - european capital of culture


Tinker imagineers has been commissioned to design the final exhibition of Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture with the working title Perspectives of Europe. As part of the programme, several exhibitions are put on at the Möllerei in Belval. This historic building, which was originally a storage space used to store raw materials and prepare the charges for the blast furnaces, will be refurbished.

This exhibition will surprise visitors with new and unexpected insights. It offers a contemporary view of the European continent, its people, towns, and life in the countryside. And it deliberately stays away from stereotypes and a romanticised version of reality.

With a dazzling multimedia show, Tinker offers a fresh look at what Europe stands for and how Europeans experience the continent themselves – from Tallinn to Valletta and from Dublin to Bucharest. Visitors will be immersed in the vibrant mix of cultures, sounds, and opinions from across the continent, all combined into an interactive multi-media installation.

In its design concept, Tinker has taken the old and unpolished industrial site of Belval as a metaphor for the history of Europe: a heated melting pot in which peoples, cultures, and movements meet, collide, merge, and break up again. The visitors are actors in the fusion process and become part of the exhibition. Because they leave their voices and portraits behind, they become part of the melting pot themselves.

Esch2022 – European Capital of Culture
The territory of the European Capital of Culture is composed from Esch, the eleven local municipalities of the Pro-Sud association in the south of Luxembourg and the eight cities from the French territory CCPHVA (Communauté de Communes Pays Haut Val d’Alzette).