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a new museum, creative lab and knowledge centre in one


On 28 June, the new Shoe Quarter (Schoenenkwartier) opened in Waalwijk, known as the Dutch leather and shoe town. The result is a new museum, manufacturing lab and innovative knowledge centre all in one. The new cultural hotspot focuses on both the history of the shoe trade and modern craftsmanship. Visitors can try their hand at making shoe and leather products and marvel at top pieces of shoe fashion from the past and present.

In three floors, each with its own theme and atmosphere, visitors can learn everything about shoes and the materials from which they are made. From shoe design and production to shoe fashion through the years. This has created a dynamic cultural meeting place where craft, innovation and creativity come together. Architect CIVIC created an open and transparent structure for the monumental Kropholler building, for which Tinker imagineers made the exhibition design.